The Mystery Of Picky Eaters


Chances are you would get 90 different answers if you were to ask 100 parents why they think their children are picky eaters. We know some children are picky eaters for no apparent reason, most are hard to please when it comes to food for two reasons– they are naturally fussy about textures and tastes or they have a learned behavior about food.

Feeding A Picky Eater

With picky eaters, you typically see one of two things happening. You will find the child who simply has no interest in trying anything second and unfamiliar, you have the child who has no interest in trying foods he or she is familiar with, which is extremely challenging.
Interestingly, these children actually tend to have higher levels of anxiety than other children do. The exact reason why these children do not like trying new foods is unknown, experts believe it has something to do with a personality trait or perhaps just a part of that child’s normal childhood development.

Is My Child A Picky Eater?

Sometimes, a child will refuse to eat foods as a way of maintaining some type of control over the parent or situation. The fascinating aspect of this is that numerous studies show that generally, children who are picky eaters do not eat healthy foods and specifically lack vegetables in the diet.

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You Need To Be Patient

This book is loaded with information to help you handle the tough times with a picky eater. Most importantly, you will be guided through specific steps that cover things such as sensory integration, lactose intolerance, children who are obese, nutritional guidelines, strategies, and much more! Today is the day to take back your life and learn how to enjoy mealtime with the entire family again!

Handle Tough Times

Be encouraged in your quest to feed your picky eater and remember, you need to be patient, supportive, and creative when dealing with this type of child. There’s a Picky Eater in the House”, you will be armed and educated to serve the exact type of meals your child wants to eat!  Follow this link:

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