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Effects Excessive Exercise

The greatest risk when it comes to exercise is always the risk of injury, which can
go hand in hand with risky eating habits. If you’re not getting enough to eat and you’re overworking yourself on top of it you put yourself in danger of exhaustion, strain, and potentially a serious physical injury if you’re not careful.

Girl Running

Girl Running

Extreme diets always extol the virtues of minimal caloric intake alongside excessive exercise. While nutritional management and exercise have always been the keys to successful weight loss, too much of one or both can be downright harmful to your health.

How do I protect myself from unsafe diet practices?

First and foremost the best thing you can do to keep yourself safely out of harm’s way is to make sure that you’re armed with knowledge and information. If you’re well informed about good nutrition and safe exercise habits then you don’t run the risk of overexerting yourself, under-eating, and falling for shady diet scams. Provided you take the things you read online or in books and magazines with a grain of metaphorical salt and you fact check the things you’ve gone over then you’re already well ahead of someone who’s going into weight loss blind or unassisted. If you’re looking for additional help with losing weight then talk to your doctor about seeing a nutritionist or enlist the aid of a local dietician or personal trainer.

 plate of pancakes with maple syrup

A plate of pancakes with maple syrup

What are some ways I can safely lose weight?

Well, safe weight loss is easy in theory so long as you approach it with a good base of knowledge and an understanding that things aren’t going to change for you overnight. One of the most important things that you need to have when you start losing weight is a good amount of patience. Since healthy weight loss is gradual you’re going to be looking for changes over time knowing that you will eventually reach your goal. Here are some good ground rules to keep in mind when you’re trying to safely lose weight.

1. Be realistic in your expectations.

Depending on where you’re starting and where you’d like to eventually end up, you have to align your expectations accordingly. If you only want to lose a little bit of weight then your timeline will be significantly shorter than if you’re looking to lose a larger amount. There are no shortcuts to healthy weight loss, try monitoring your progress for the first month or two and from there it will be easy to set up a reliable physical timeline for milestones to check your progress.

Losing weight is a marathon

             Losing weight is a marathon – reach for your goal

2. Make small, sustainable changes.

The foundation of successful, healthy weight loss is making sustainable lifestyle changes that modify your nutrition and exercise in a way that helps you lose weight and maintain the healthy weight that you’re trying to reach. Dangerous crash diets aren’t sustainable because they rely on short-term solutions that your body isn’t able to healthily keep up with. When you’re taking your first steps toward your weight loss goals you should think of it like learning how to walk, start with simple baby steps before working your way into a stride that you’re comfortable with and apace you can maintain. Remember that these are habits you’ll be forming for the rest of your life, not stopping once you’ve reached your goal. Make sure that the methods you choose are something that you can live with.

Asparagus with egg

Asparagus with egg

3. Don’t overdo it.

Whether you’re talking about nutrition or exercise it’s important that you don’t try to push beyond what you’re capable of. Losing weight is a marathon, not a race, sprinting towards a long distance goal is only going to tire you out rather than help you reach it faster. The sooner you realize this the sooner you’ll be able to make healthy progress that will stick rather than following unsafe diets that will only rebound back once you stop them.

Don’t let uncertainty keep you from reaching your goals!  There are a lot of unsafe diets out there, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying your best to lose weight and reach the level of health and quality of life you deserve. Keeping away from scam diets and putting your own nutrition and fitness research into practice will help you reach your goal of becoming a healthier you!