Strength And Conditioning Training

How to encourage your school children to keep themselves fit and healthy before any activities they do.

Fitness and Training Exercises

rugby league

   Ipswich school boys rugby league

I recently attended a workshop in regards to ‘High Performance Strength and Conditioning’.  I wondered at first what this workshop was actually about!

I had received a text message from my son’s couch to attend this workshop. My son plays U15’s Rugby League games every Saturdays so his couch invited all his players that it’s a must for them to go.  Parents were to accompany them so I have to go with my son.

Programs for Junior Players

When we arrived everybody were there and ten minutes later the guys who were running this workshop went straight into it.  They first introduced themselves  as trainers and also they trained the senior team at our local area.  Little that I know that they run programs for junior players.

They spoke about proper fitness and training for each areas of their body and how to use certain workouts for their body to keep them fit before their games.  They also spoke about things that they should do to avoid injury eg: using movements, weight training that are safe.  They said there are certain training that needs to be supervised by parents at all times.

They mentioned about Strength Training is an important part of Rugby League but to chose what’s right for them to do as Junior players.

Proper Nutrition

Food Programs

Food Programs

Fitness and Exercise or any training and proper nutrition are to be followed by every player before any games played.  They have to have a balance diet to go with their training routine.  Eating proper meals before their games is important to consumed 2 hours before a game.

I learned that night at this workshop that some or most players do not eat a proper meal before their games.  The guys asked the players what they normally eat before each game? I was surprised that most did not want to say anything because they knew that they eat unhealthy food or some do not eat before each game.

I took on board these lessons and it’s an eye opener to some of us parents.  It brings an awareness to ourselves and our children why it is important to have a balance with their training, a good diet that can keep them being vibrant, fit and healthy before their games.

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