Power Fit Exercise Machine

I purchased this machine in November last year 2016. It took me awhile to open the box and start using the machine. I would say around three weeks before I could use it. This machine is one of the best out there. A couple of years ago I was looking for an exercise machine that would work on my body all at once. I even tried to invent one myself but didn’t get the time to do it.

The Power Fit Machine is used for at least three days a week for 10 minutes. Walking, jogging and/or running will help you to -Speed up weight reduction -Remove bodyfat – Tone and toughen up your muscles – Improve bone density -Stimulate the gastrointestinal system -Get better sleep and rest -Cholesterol control -Improve the resistance to physical strain -Reduce depression, stress and insomnia, amongst other illness -This product is not intended to be used as a massager.

Modes of Use:  

Power Fit gives you two modes of use: manual and automatic mode.  In both modes, you can use the elastic banks, insert the security hook in the gaps for the purpose, located at the back of the platform.

Manual Mode:  

The user can set up the time and the speed of the exercise in order to adjust them to his or her necessities.  To use this mode, follow the next instructions, sent with the machine.

Automatic Mode:  

The device will follow a preset exercise program, saving the procedure of setting up manually the speed and time.  To use this mode you have to follow the instructions sent with the machine also.

Workout Before Work

I use my Power Fit machine three times a week for 10 minutes a day before I go to work.  I walk, jog and run using the same machine.  It gives me energy and keeps me fit each day as I do community work which I am on the road five days a week from morning till afternoon.  I don’t have to run to a gym or go for walks as I get tired after I come home from work.  I recommend this product to anyone who wants to start getting results to lose weight. Click here: Power Fit Platform Fitness Plate – Full Body Vibration Machine – Exercise Workout Gym Trainer