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Rugby League

Recently my son was selected on making the initial train-on squad, for his region after competing in the Rugby League trials back in September, 2014.   There will be another two trials before the final squad will be selected  to play for the Under 17 next year, 2015.

Teenagers Football Game

          Junior Rugby League

As a mother, I realized that this isn’t something to take  slightly.  Every parent wants to get their sons to get into this type of opportunities to make it into the big games when they grow older or when they make it to the next level

What’s fascinating is the team’s Coaches/Managers have laid down the rules for their training sessions during the week and weekends if training facilities are available.  Training days are; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and some Saturdays a two hours training each day.  They outline some key points in regards to training and what is expected from the players to follow.

The training squad do field training and weight.  I have never seen the squad trained so hard more then their normal team that they play during the season.

  Discipline plays a big part in their training sessions.

To us parents, how much should we encourage our children to do sport and creating some activities that they can enjoy.  How can we get them into doing things that can distract them from playing computer games for hours.   It is a big worry that we babysit them with all these technology staff  and feeding them with junk food.

I met a lady at the shop a couple of days ago with her shopping trolley.  All she bought was package foods only.  I didn’t see any fresh food in the trolley.  I was standing behind her and she told me that my shopping is for my teenage children.  They play video games etc and eat snacks while playing.  A mother encouraging her teenage children to play video games and feeding them with junk food!

Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Eat Super-Spicy Junk Food

Do your kids love to down handfuls of spicy snacks such as Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Be careful, they might need medical attention soon; highly spicy junk food is sending kids to the emergency room.

Snack Foods

Snack Foods

These highly processed, very spicy foods are dangerous for several reasons. Their spiciness can directly inflame the stomach lining, causing severe pain. They can also cause gastritis, which can cause your children to vomit, or can burn or bloat your children’s stomachs.

According to Dr. Martha Rivera of White Memorial Medical Center in LA, consumption of spicy junk food can cause “ulcerations, erosion and … peptic ulcer disease” in children. “It burns when it goes down; it burns when it comes out,” she says.

The Salty Spicy Foods

There’s no nutritional benefit to otherwise offset the dangerous toll spicy junk food can have on children’s bodies. It’s not just the spiciness that’s dangerous; spicy junk food isn’t really even food! It’s loaded with salt, high fat, cheap carbohydrates, high calories, unhealthy additives, and often sugar. That’s a recipe for sickness.

The salty-spicy thrill just isn’t worth the toll on body. Instead of super-spicy snacks, try some healthy, whole-food alternatives like cheese, carrot sticks, apple slices, or trail mix. There are also many packaged alternatives made of whole ingredients like seeds, nuts, honey, and dried fruit.

If you can’t wean your children from highly spiced junk foods, at least save them for special occasions in moderate amounts.

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