SilaPhotoHi all and welcome everyone to Your Best Weight Loss Plans website.  I have a passion for health and fitness since a teenager.  I am coming to an age where I don’t do as much anymore but keeping to a minimum of daily activities to keep me healthy.

As I grow older I am watching everything I eat on a daily basis and trying to keep myself fit with doing exercise such as walking, doing sit-ups etc.  Since I had my children I never went back to my normal size to be exact.  It was a struggle especially focusing on my children instead of me being fit and healthy.  I was more looking after my children’s health, preparing healthy foods and encouraging them to do sports to keep them health more than taking care of myself.  Now that they are grown up they go to the gym, they prepare their healthy meals and watching what they eat.

After all, becoming a mum, we tend to think that, that’s it!  You are a mum, that’s what you are and you can’t do anything about your weight.  After having my last child I went from being a size 12 to a size 16.  Having to leave my country to live in another part of the world was difficult.  Life was not normal anymore.  It’s was like adapting to a lifestyle where I could not fit in.  I was opened to life that did not suit my upbringing.

It was funny that I was more concerned with my four children’s nutrition and making sure that they eat right and I was not concerned about my own Well Being.   For me, it was like eating with emotions.  Every time I think of my country and my family, I have to find something to eat.  And that went on for years and then I realized that this needs to stop.

A Journey To Losing Weight

I started doing exercises; walking, gym workouts etc. It was all working out well and then later about 2 weeks with following my plan I gave up.  From that time, I was creating a cycle of exercise and yo-yo diets.

I decided then that I won’t follow any fad diets anymore but use a very simple plan that would help me to live a healthy lifestyle.  I only eat what I want to eat but in moderation.  I had a buddy with me to exercise together.  This is great because you are both motivating each other. I had to buy exercise machines, ropes, bars etc.  I will get into using them and weeks later I am off it again so I decided to stop using them.

Two years ago I finally bought a machine that I enjoy every day and never looked back.

Lastly, when you begin something and get motivated about it you will definitely get the results you are longing for.

I am creating this website so I can motivate others and also that I can be motivated by them to live a healthier lifestyle that we deserve.

Success to you all.


Founder of  Yourbestweightlossplans.com

Email: silaptc@gmail.com