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Sometimes I ask myself what is the purpose of living in this world in the first place?   I come to realized that when we are born our parents looked after us from an infant to adult life.  Along comes their greatest responsibility of how they have to work to feed us and look after us so we don’t get sick and protect us from any harm.   They make sure that we are fed properly, giving us nutritional diets and making sure the environment around us is safe.

My parents were hard working subsistent farmers.  We had Coco and Coconut plantations and we become their helpers when we grew up.  My parents were always setting their priorities first to feed us well for breakfast, lunch and a big meal at dinner.  We grew up eating greens, fruits, and carbohydrates through the week till Saturday.  Only Sunday we eat protein.  It was not a strict diet but I would say a way of normal life that we lived.

Although we had chickens, fish, pork or certain birds that are healthy to eat we never anticipate to eat them during the week except for Sundays.

Life to this day is different as I live in a great country with opportunities to work and earn a living comes along with a different lifestyle of keeping healthy, fit and strong.  Everything changed, with food how many times a day I eat, watching every food I put in my mouth, thinking of the next meal to eat etc.  It’s a constant worry with the society I came to live with is hard because everything is presented to you right before you.  Examples of that are I can easily go to the shop to buy my grocery and along with some extra goodies.  Life is never been the same as I used to live before.  I could eat anything I want that I picked up from the shop or fruit market if I am lucky.

Taking control of what I am eating is hard but I have to be strong at all times.  I am looking forward to going for my holidays again so I can experience the life I used to live when growing up and will try and make an effort if I can eat greens etc during the week and eat protein on Sundays.

I am looking forward to changing my habit of eating healthy again from 2019.  Since I have started two months ago I will strive to live as normal as I could with watching what I eat and drinking lots of liquid.  I will follow up on my trip and share what I have been doing over the holidays.  Lots of rest will be a bonus and go bushwalking with having plenty of fresh air and sharing with family members around.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.

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