Free Daily Exercise Routines

Let’s face it. Gym memberships aren’t cheap and not everyone wants to spend their hard-earned money on a fancy gym membership – but that’s no excuse not to exercise. Regular exercise has too many health benefits to put it on the back burner. It’s really not difficult to develop an inexpensive exercise routine you can do at home that won’t put a strain on your bank account. The truth is you don’t need weight machines to develop firm, tight thighs and abdominals and you don’t have to have a high-powered treadmill to get a good cardio workout. Here’s how to design an inexpensive exercise routine you can do at home that’ll give great results.

Ab toning Workout with Resistance Bands

Workout Resistance Bands

 Inexpensive exercise: Get some resistance bands

Feeling frugal, but still, want more muscle tone? Resistance bands are a great way to get a get a muscle toning workout without cumbersome weight machines or barbells that are difficult to store. If you haven’t seen them before, they resemble giant rubber bands and offer additional resistance when doing exercises. With a little ingenuity, they can be adapted to do any exercise you do using free weights or machines. The best way to explore many the possibilities is to get a resistance band DVD and start training at home. The good news? Resistance bands can be purchased for under ten dollars and can be easily packed in a suitcase for on-the-road workouts.

 Inexpensive exercise: Jump your weight to fitness

Rope jumping is one of the most effective forms of cardio there is. Not only does it burn a significant number of calories (up to 340 calories in thirty minutes), it also builds stronger bones. Remember how much fun it was as a child? Put on some fun music and start jumping – or do it while you watch television.

Inexpensive exercise: Explore the world of exercise DVD’s

Did you know you can have a different fitness instructor in your home every day for pennies? Simply check out exercise DVD’s from your local library. Try step aerobics, boot camp training, kickboxing, dance aerobics, and any other workouts that strike your fancy. Work a variety of muscles by continuously changing your workout and you’ll  never get bored.

Inexpensive exercise: Take the scenic tour

Power walking

Power Walking

If you’re a power walker, make a list of all the different places you can walk for free. When you’re tired of walking around your neighborhood, head for the local mall or to the track at a local school. Get on the internet and find walking trails in your local area or head for the park. Take a hike in the woods on a pretty day. To make it more interesting, take a small camera with you and photograph interesting nature scenes as you walk – but don’t let it slow you down – you want to keep your heart rate up!

Don’t forget – you can also do old-fashioned push-ups and sit-ups at home to round out your workout. Who says getting into shape has to be expensive?

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