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Cameron Diaz diet secret: She eats a high protein diet.

Cameron Diaz always may be fortunate enough to have a naturally slim constitution but she’s finding as she enters her thirties that she has to watch what she eats more carefully. Obviously, her diet and exercise plan work for her as she still appears trim and fit even in a swimsuit.  What can we learn from Cameron Diaz’s diet secrets Cameron reportedly eats high protein foods throughout the day. She’s careful to start her day some form of protein, usually skinless, boneless chicken which is her morning protein of choice.

Starting the day with a high protein food is an excellent weight control strategy. Skinless, boneless chicken breast if an ideal choice since it’s low in calories and fat. Protein consumed early in the morning can help to keep you satisfied until lunchtime so you’re less likely to binge on something less healthy. High protein foods also help to keep your metabolism primed so you burn fat at a faster rate throughout the day.

Eating high protein

Eating high protein – Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz diet secret: She loves to eat but eats junk food in moderation.

This is a smart practice.  Cameron doesn’t want to feel completely deprived so she occasionally indulges in junk food. As long as this is an infrequent practice and it’s factored into your diet plan, this shouldn’t sidetrack your efforts to lose weight and be healthy. Sometimes a small splurge is enough to “get it out of your system”;

Cameron Diaz diet secret: She participates in a variety of sports.

Cameron Diaz is an avid surfer and snowboarder and enjoys outdoor recreational sports activities.

Although surfing and snowboarding feel more like fun than exercise, they can be effective ways to burn calories and fat if done consistently. The advantage to these forms of exercise is that they’re fun which makes them easy to do on a regular basis. Although these exercises are calorie burners, they are most effective when used as a break from a more formal aerobic and strength training program.

Cameron Diaz diet secret: She has an organized aerobic and strength training program.

Cameron regularly works out on the elliptical trainer and does resistance training using light weights. Her workouts total about an hour in duration.

This is an excellent exercise combination for burning fat and building lean body mass. To continue to make fitness gains, it’s important to alternate other machines with the elliptical trainer to ensure that your body doesn’t adapt. Alternating elliptical trainer workouts with the treadmill is one alternative that will add variety to your workout.  When using light weights to develop lean body mass, it’s important to use weights that are heavy enough to challenge the muscles to adapt. This is what produces well toned,  legs, abs, and arms.

Cameron Diaz has a weight loss and body firming routine that works and could be adapted for use
by anyone who wants a leaner, firmer body. Why not give Cameron’s celebrity diet secrets a try?

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